Welcome to Our Lab


Our research combines bionanotechnology, microbiology and material science to inform and benefit sustainable development at the water-energy nexus. Specifically, we aim to design ordered bionanomaterials for sustainable water purification and green synthesis and to understand and harness the biochemical potential of microorganisms in natural and engineered systems. Our research interests include:

  • Developing in vivo and in vitro programmable bionanoreactors for bioremediation, bioenergy production, resource recovery, and water quality monitoring

  • Biomimetic green synthesis of ordered materials for water purification and more

  • Studying and optimizing microbial activities and dynamics thereof in resource-generating waste treatment systems

  • Understanding the effects of emerging contaminants on microbial activities in the environment


First Lab Member!

First year CEE graduate student Maria J. Jimenez joins the lab. Welcome Maria!