CEE 3501 Environmental Engineering Processes I (Spring 2021-2023)

Theories and applications of physical and chemical principles to water and wastewater treatment processes in engineered systems. Major processes include coagulation and flocculation, precipitation, adsorption, ion-exchange, sedimentation, filtration, membrane processes, and oxidation and disinfection.

CEE 1504 Chemistry in Environmental Engineering(Spring 2023)

Applications of chemical concepts in the context of environmental science and engineering. Topics covered include physical chemistry (chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, equilibria), inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry (organic chemistry, biochemistry).

CEE 1515/2515 Wastewater Collection and Treatment Plant Design (Fall 2021, 2022)

Stepwise development and process design, equipment selection, economic evaluation, layout, and operating guidelines for wastewater collection and treatment systems.